Sixers Balls: Looks like Thorn wants Bynum back maybe..


I am writing this post knowing that NO ONE will likely read it. Seriously… The Sixers are in the back of most Philly sports fans minds. You have the Eagles lighting up the news wire. Phillies are just a couple of weeks away from Opening Day. March Madness is about to begin. The Flyers could go 0-10 in their next ten games and still have a packed house.

So yeah, the Sixers are a distant memory. It’s probably a good thing. No one really wants to talk about Bynum anymore, unless he is setting up in the low-post during an actual game. The chances of that happening on a scale from 1 to 10 is -10.

The other day Rod Thorn gave his take on Bynum and this God-Awful season. Thorn:

“It is a little bizarre. There is no doubt about that,” Thorn said. “He has worked very hard, as you can see he is huge. His upper body, he works in the weight room really hard. He just hasn’t been able to play. It has been very tough for him and obviously it has been very tough for us.”

We learned nothing new from that quote. And I thought I was CAPTAIN obvious. Then Thorn was asked about  bringing back Bynum:

That is to be determined,” Thorn said. “To have a player of that ilk who can make such a difference, any time you don’t have that player it is tough. And who knows what is going to happen when the season is over?”

I am reading in-between the lines here but it sounds like Thorn wants Bynum back. Lovely…I would take Bynum back at a 1 year-deal. I would have to think long and hard to give him just 2 years. That’s how much I don’t trust the dude.

You know what sucks about the Sixers? They have a star PG, cap space and they’re likely to have a very good pick in this year’s draft (the first round pick that they sent away in the Bynum trad was lottery protected).

Sounds good right? Nope, I don’t think this front-office can make good decision.


2 responses

  1. Cap space doesn’t do you any good unless you can actually spend it on a quality player. Too often teams with cap space end up overpaying players.

    While I don’t necessarily want Bynum back, I also don’t want Josh Smith signed to a megabucks deal either.

  2. Yup. Josh is not a max deal player. This front office scares me..

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