TurnBuckle: Two Superstars are returning..


There have been dates set for the returns of two superstars.  One is as early as tonight’s episode of RAW. Santino Marella has fully recovered from his neck injury that he had back in January and he is ready for action for tonight’s RAW.  Get ready for a good laugh!  He brings lots of comedy to the show.  I don’t really see the WWE putting him in a particular feud just yet, BUT you never know.

Rey Mysterio is also scheduled to come back from his injury.  Rey-Rey has recovered from a knee injury that put him out of action for months.  Despite his little appearance at the Royal Rumble this year he is not scheduled to come back until the post WrestleMania RAW on Monday April 8th.

That injury came at a bad time for Rey.  He was rumored to be getting into a feud and having a match with Sin Cara at WrestleMania.  That would have been an awesome match to see two “Nacho Libre”, I mean Lucha Libre’s go at it.  There is a possibility of a few different directions the WWE could take him.

Watch as Jack Black gets the “619” in this match…..


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