Sixers Balls: I am tired Sixers fan. Bye, Andrew..


Man, that day at the Constitution Center seems like 20 years ago. Andrew Bynum will have surgery on both knees Tuesday to clean out the damage that has plagued him since October. Yup, we all knew this was coming. So this is it, we will likely never see Bynum in a Sixers uniform.

The closes to any action that I saw from Bynum as a Sixers was when he ordered shots of “Grey Goose” before and at halftime of a game earlier in the year. Well, at least we can stop wondering about what’s going on with Bynum’s health. Actually, most have stopped caring about Bynum a while ago.

Of course now we will hear the so called “geniuses’, tell us that they knew Bynum wasn’t going to play. That they knew from the beginning he wasn’t playing. Whatever… Go kick rocks.

I could keep writing about Bynum. I could tell you how I thought that the Sixers were finally relevant again or how the Sixers were finally out of the “Land of Mediocrity “. Well, that lasted about ten minutes.

I am tired of this whole mess. I am tired of waiting on Bynum. Finally, I am a tired Sixers fan. That’s all I got left on Bynum. One last thing, Damien Wilkins said it best about Bynum:

“This is my first year getting to know Andrew and in getting to know him, I don’t think any of us really have gotten to know him.”

I couldn’t agree more. It still was the right move to trade for Bynum. They took a shot and they came up empty.


3 responses

  1. And now they’ll be cursed with the worst thing an NBA team can have: Cap space and no quality players to spend it on

    1. Yup…Al jefferson is decent and so is Josh smith. BUT they don’t make a impacted like Bynum did.

      1. I’d love for them to acquire cap friendly deals that could be traded for a quality player. It seems like in today’s NBA you win by trades

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