Philer Up! Doc is not finished yet..


Anyone else tired of all the “BS” about Doc? I know I am. Let the dude be. Yes, Doc has only thrown a total of 25 pitches in the previous 10 days.  The “Biggest” stomach virus in Phils history made Doc lost 10 pounds and strength.  So of course in his first start back he would look uncomfortable.

Most of the Phils beat writers were reporting that Doc was laboring today and that he didn’t look comfortable against the Blue Jays minor leaguers.  No, shit. THE DUDE JUST WAS SICK AS HELL. The other thing that is bothering the hell out of me is that people are just kind of writing Doc off. That he is just a 3 or 4 starter now. It could be true but I beg to differ.

Great pitchers know how to adjust. Doc is no exception. There is a reason why Doc has been the best pitcher in the game over the past TEN years. He knows how to get it done even when he doesn’t have his good stuff on some outings. The guy can just flat-out pitch. Doc:

“It’s not a boxing match,” Halladay said. “It’s not strength vs. strength. It’s a chess match. It’s competition of the mind and execution and being smarter and being more prepared.” via

Last year, he dealt with injuries and that is what slowed him down. Please don’t give me age. Yes, I understand that he is 35 now (soon to be 36) but other great pitchers still performed at a high level at that age.

For example, Greg Maddox went 17-11 with a 3.05 era at 35 and went 16-6 with 2.62 era at the age of 36. Curt Schilling went 23-7 with a 3.23 era at the age of 35. He also went 21-6 with a 3.26 era at the age of 37. Did you say innings are a factor?

Doc has logged 2687.1 innings so far in his career. Maddox at the age of 35 had 3548.9 innings. Schilling at the age of 35 had logged 2413.8 innings.  Maddox was a finesse pitcher and Schilling was a power pitcher. I believe that Doc falls in between them.

Do I believe that age has caught up to Doc some? Yes, but not as much as everyone else thinks. Doc can still be great. I believe he will be. Age will eventually catch up to Doc all the way. Just not yet.


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  1. Joe hickman sr. | Reply

    Roy Halladay is the Man

  2. You’re more optimistic than I am. Do I think Halladay can adjust? Yes, but sadly I don’t think that makes him more than a decent 3rd starter. I mean there have been lots of pitchers who “knew” how to pitch, but still weren’t successful once they lost their stuff

    1. All true statements bro. I guess I am banking on him being like Maddox and Schilling. Like you said, they’re lots of pitchers that know how to pitch but are not as successful as they used to be. BUT there are some exceptions. I believe Doc can be one, like Schilling and Maddox were.

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