Philer Up! Phils and O’s make a minor move


The Phils roster is just about done taking shape. They have a few minor moves to make and that’s about it. They did make a minor trade today with the Orioles. They traded right-hander pitcher Julio Rodriguez for outfielder  Ronnie Welty.

Rodriguez, who turned 21 in August, pitched to a 4.23 ERA for Reading last season. In 134 innings, he walked 76 but did strikeout 136.  He did not rank in Baseball America’s Top 30 Phillies prospects.

The 25-year-old Welty has played all three outfield positions. Last season he played only right field. He batted .333 with 13 homers in 229 plate appearances over four different levels. He finished in Double-A.  He was not in Orioles Top 30 prospects. The kid supposedly has a ton of power.

Dennis Deitch of the Delco Times on Welty:

A lot of power, not a lot of plate discipline. That’s how Ruben Amaro likes them. Phils got him in a minor-league trade.

Sounds about right.


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