Puck Heads: Another concussion for the Flyers.

Danny Briere #48 of the Philadelphia Flyers while playing agains

The Flyers just can’t get away from concussions. As you probably all ready know Danny Briere is out indefinitely with a concussion. Danny did not make the trip to Pittsburgh and now we know why.

Briere has been struggling all season. He has only five goals in 26 games this season. Honestly, he has been non-existent all year, though I hate seeing this happen. This is Briere’s second concussion in the past two seasons.

Danny has been rumored to be on the move even though he has come out said that he won’t waive his no trade clause. Well, this about kills any rumor. Briere talked about how he got hurt:

Briere told CSNPhilly.com on Sunday that he crashed hard into the boards during Saturday’s practice. He never flew to Pittsburgh. Today, he said, “I’m not feeling great today, either.”

As for the Flyers, they just need to ride out the rest of the season. They don’t need to mortgage the future for just one player. They are NOT just one player away from the CUP. They need to make smart hockey moves and think long-term. That is something that is far from their MO.

I know they could put Briere on the long-term injured list to make more room under the cap, but I don’t think it’s worth it. BUT with Homer, you never know.

The Flyers are 13th in the conference and are 5 points behind the 8th seeded Rangers. One last thing, the Flyers have the 4th least points per game in the entire NHL. Ouch..


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