PhilerUp! Adam Morgan looks like the guy if one of the Starters go down.

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When the Phils signed veterans Aaron Cook and Rodrigo Lopez I expected them to be in the minors as insurance. Most teams like to have that veteran you can call on just in case one of the “Big Boys” gets hurt. Well, I was completely wrong with that idea. They’re both gone. Lopez was released last week and Cook just the other day, as you probably all ready know.

So where does that leave the Phils? Obviously, that leaves them Hamels, Lee, Doc, Kendrick and Lannan as the starters. But what happens if one goes down, especially with Doc.  I still think Doc can be good as I wrote in a previous post, but that’s only if he is healthy.  This spring training hasn’t been to kind to Doc.

The Phils could look to acquire a veteran starter by a trade, though as of right now it seems to be the IronPigs rotation as the options for the Phils Tyler CloydJonathan PettiboneEthan MartinB.J. Rosenberg and Adam Morgan.  Phils assistant GM Scott Profrock on the options:

“I think it remains to be seen, but we do have options,” Proefrock said. “And that’s the positive aspect of it. I think we feel pretty good about the depth we have. It is experienced? Probably not as experienced as you’d like, but they’ve got to get experience somehow.” via the Zone

Cloyd and Rosenberg have some experience.  God help us all, if Rosenberg is the one that gets the call. Can you say, “Bombs Away”? Martin has pitched nicely for the Phils since being acquired from the Dodgers in the Victorino deal but has never pitched above Double-A. Pettibone pitched some in Triple-A last year. The guy that looks like the best option is Adam Morgan.

Adam, 23, pitched last year at Single-A and Double-A.  He had a combined record of 8-11 with 3.35 era in 26 starts. He had 169 strikeouts and 39 walks in 158.2 innings pitched. The left-hander held opponents to a .235 average. The Phils are very high on him. That’s likely why they let Cook and Lopez take a hike. Morgan is ranked 7th on the Phils prospect list.


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  1. Tyler Cloyd is 4-0 with a 2.53 ERA in my current season of MLB The Show 13 (I used him as my 5th starter instead of Lannan). So I think based on this, the Phillies should call him up to take Lannan’s spot.

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