Eagles…Eagles Sign 6 Foot 7 Receiver

The Eagles have sign 6 foot 7 239 pound wide receiver Ifeanyi Momah (pronounced E-feind-ee Mow-ma). The last time he played football was in 2011 for Boston College but by the look of him you have thought that he would have played for the Celtics. In his last game played  Momah caught eight passes for 157 yards. But only racked up 39 receptions  for 629 yards and six touchdowns in his entire college career. That being said he basically miss two full seasons. In 2007 he played as a true freshman but didn’t have much impact. In 2008 he caught 11 passes for 149 yards and three touchdowns. In 2009 he redshirted due to injury. In 2010 he played all 13 games and had 19 receptions for 296 yards and caught three touchdown passes. Momah also played defensive end on third and long situations that year. Finally in 2011 he had that one monster game before sustaining a major knee injury ending his college career. He try to gain a sixth year of eligibility but was unsuccessful.

He sounds like he fits the mold of a Chip Kelly player. Big, tall, quick, athletic, versatile players is what Chip looks for. I’m sure the fact that Momah ran a 4.4 forty in a couple recent workouts helped his cause. He could have been draft last year but he was still rehabbing his injured knee. He will be the tallest wide receiver on the Eagles since Harold Carmichael. But we can’t jump to conclusions he hasn’t played in two years so just cause he is the size of Carmichael doesn’t mean he is the next Carmichael. It’s just somebody that big and quick is intriguing and deserves checking to see if he can play at a professional level. Lastly I have to say I like this shift to find athletic, versatile, big players. Chip Kelly puts simply enough for me saying “So you always have to make adjustments to what you do. But we want taller, longer people because big people beat up little people.”


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