BRING IT ON: East Coast Bias


Cole Hamels Stache
One thing I like to do is take a league that I am part of and allow you guys (and girls) to follow along and see how pathetic my team is doing through the year. Last night I was asked to be apart of a baseball draft with a bunch of bad eggs from Overbrook where if you come in last place they break all of your toes…Actually I am lying and they couldn’t have been a nicer group of guys. I mean who wouldn’t love being in a league with names like Nicky Vitucci and a hoss named Mush. I felt like I was in a spin-off movie of a Bronx Tale. With a last name Capriotti, I was fitting right in.

It was a 10 team draft so teams are going to be slightly stacked, but I still think I did a solid job of getting the best players available. In my opinion it was slightly a little more tilted towards offense so that was my focus early on. Here are the hitters:

C: Mike Napoli, Brian McCann (DL)
1B: Albert Puljos
2B: Jason Kipnis
3B: Ryan Zimmerman, Hanley Ramirez(DL)
SS: Troy Tulowitzki, Jurickson Profar(Minors)
OF: Adam Jones, Curtis Granderson (DL)
OF: Alex Rios
OF: Nelson Cruz
DH: Dom Brown

Somehow I was able to get the best hitting shortstop in Tulo in the second round. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Puljos was a can’t miss at the 6th overall pick and I think I did a nice job at getting injured players like Hanley, McCann and Granderson in the 8th, 11th and 20th rounds respectfully. I’m sure they won’t all come back full to their all-star caliber but I’m sure 2 of them will and if so, I have just developed some serious assets to trade at the deadline. Power hitting Shortstops and Catchers are hard to find. Taking Dom Brown in the 21st round is a steal in my opinion considering the spring he has had for the Phils.  Profar is the #1 prospect in the minors and would normally be a starter on all 31 other teams, but considering that the Rangers are stacked, he will have to wait for an injury to Andrus or Kinsler. Overall I’d give my offense an A-minus.

However, I won’t be giving my pitching an A-minus. I didn’t do it by design, but I kind of became a homer with 3 of my first 4 starters I took. Take a look.

SP: Cole Hamels
SP: Cliff Lee
SP: Kris Medlen
SP: Roy Halladay
SP: Ryan Vogelsong
RP: Joel Hanrahan
RP: Chris Perez

Mike Minor
Marco Estrada
Jaime Garcia
Matt Garza
Shelby Miller(SP/RP)

After I took Cole and Cliff, there was no way I could pass on Roy Boy in the 14th round. There are very few instances when the moon aligns when Venus and you are able to take your teams 3 aces. A year ago this was unheard of, but given Roy’s problems in the spring. It fell right into my lap. My reserves are mixed with vets who won’t light the world on fire, but should get me some wins and then some up and coming players like Shelby Miller and Mike Minor who could be household names by the end of the season. My pitching staff gets a solid B and my team as a whole gets a B+ compared to the other teams. I am certainly not the best team in the league on paper, but I should definitely make the play-offs. The key for me will be making some solid trade deadline moves.

As the season moves on, I will update you with how my team is doing and how I plan to win it all.


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