TurnBuckle: Original Plans For Jericho



Well, once again Chris Jericho finds his way into TurnBuckle.  

The original plans for Chris Jericho have been revealed by himself.  In an interview with Wrestling Observer Radio Jericho stated that there were a few different story lines that the WWE wanted to use him in.  

Before Jericho left for an Australian tour with his band Fozzy they had a plan in place.  That was when he returned he would turn heel and have a feud with Ryback.  But that storyline was changed when he got back.

Once he got back he was informed by the WWE that there was a change of plans and now he will have it out with Fffannnndaaaannngoooo but as a face.  At first Jericho didn’t like the change, although after everything went like it was suppose to he is now excited. 

After Mania it is planned for Jericho to take time to tour with his band pretty much the whole month of April.  

Y2J’s original deal was to work up to WrestleMania.  But now it seems like Jericho wants to come back after his band tours in April. He spoke about having and interest to working with a current NXT wrestler Bray Wyatt.  He states that he predicts Wyatt to be on main roster in about a year. 

I just love how Jericho works.  Like I said before, to him it’s not about winning or losing matches.  It’s about putting on a show and pulling the talent out of other wrestlers so to speak and helping them emerge into the WWE. 

Contributor: B-lock @block_TLP


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