TurnBuckle: How Wrestlers Put on Their Show

Have you ever wondered how the wrestlers perform so well and are able to be on the same page as the other?  Well, for those of you that don’t know the next time you watch RAW or Smackdown or any professional match even, listen closely to the wrestlers and you can sometimes hear them actually talking to each other.

In this clip some of the wrestlers actually interact with the fans.  Even if it’s Jericho calling someone and idiot because they didn’t know where he came from.  They do their best to kind of hide their mouths while they do it so it is hard for anyone to notice.  By the way watch as Lita gets the shit speared out of her by Edge.  And a special thanks Dark Helmet for showing me this video. Enjoy!

Contributors: B-Lock aka Dark Helmet @block_TLP


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