Philer Up! Nats Preview..Harper and Strasburg. Do I need to go on?


The Nats are the measuring stick now, plain and simple. They’re the team beat. For some odd reason former Phil, Jayson Werth actually showed the Phils some love by saying the Phils will be the Nats best competition in the division. After blowing that 6 run lead in the final game against the Cards in the NLDS, I wonder if Rizzo regrets shutting down Strasburg? They might have won that series. Maybe, even advance to the WS?  That’s history now and they might be better for it. Though you never know, when you have an opportunity like that you never want to look back and say what if.

There is too much talent on the Nats for them to take a step back though. Harper and Starsburg. Harper and Strasburg. For Phils fans that will be a our nightmare for the next decade. That we will see 18 times a year. Harper hit 22 bombs as a 19-year old and runs the bases like Pete Rose/ Chase Utley Esq. For opening day all that Strasburg and Harper did was win the game by themselves. Strasburg 7 shutout innings and Harper 2 bombs.

Christ, I didn’t even talk about Ryan Zimmerman, Gio, Jordan Zimmerman or the bullpen. With Clippard, Storen and Soriano that might be the best 7th, 8th and 9th combination in the MLB. The rotation of Strasburg, Gio, Jordan and the addition of Daren Haren, they might have the best rotation as well.  For the love of God.

Key Additions.

OF Denard Span, RHP Rafael Soriano, RHP Dan Haren.

Key Losses. 1B Mike Morse, RHP Edwin Jackson, LHP Sean Burnett and LHP Mike Gonzalez.


1B Adam LaRoche, 2B Danny Espinosa, 3B Ryan Zimmerman, SS Ian Desmond, LF Bryce Harper, CF Denard Span and RF Jayson Werth.

This lineup has a little bit of everything. They have power, speed and defense. LaRoche has always been a decent player but can he repeat last year’s numbers (33 bombs and 100 RBI)? The wild-card of this group is Espinosa. If Danny can figure it out this Nats team will be even more dangerous. Scary thought.


Stephen Strasburg, Jordan Zimmerman,  Gio Gonzalez. Daren Haren and Ross Detwiler.

Starsburg. Do I really need to say anymore? He went 15-6 with a 3.16 ERA  and had 197 Ks in 159 innings, in first year off of Tommy John surgery. Haren as your fourth? This might be the best rotation in the league.


Tyler Clippard, Ryan Matheus, Henry Rodriguez, Rafael Soriano, Graig Stammen, Drew Storen and Zack Duke.

Didn’t I say that with Clippard, Storen and Soriano that might be the best 7th, 8th and 9th combination in the MLB. Let me change that. It is…


C Wilson Ramos, INF Chad Tracy, OF Tyler Moore, OF Roger Bernadina and INF Steve Lombardozzi

Bernadina is a solid fourth outfielder and Tracey has some pop from the left side. Moore brings plenty of power from the right side of the plate. The 25 year-old is coming off of 2 straights of 30 or more bombs in the minors. He hit  10 bombs in 156 ab’s for the Nats.

Out Look

Like a said before, this is there division now. They’re young and fully loaded.


97-65. First place.


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