Sixers Balls: Some love for Damien Wilkins. Just for the Hell of it.


I have been thinking of what to write about for the Sixers. I mean, I could write about how Hawes has changed his game some. The dude has always driven me nuts though. Even with his better play of late, I would love to smack him in the face for it. He is actually shooting more shots at the rim then he ever did as a Sixer. He is averaging 3.4 shots at the rim. Last year he averaged 2.7 and in 10-11 he averaged 2.3.

That’s enough with Hawes. Let’s talk about Damien Wilkins. Yes, I said Damien Wilkins. For most of this year I would crack jokes about Wilkins, basically a journeyman his whole career.  He has played for 5 different teams (Thunder/Sonics, Sixers, Hawks, Pistons and TimberWolves) since breaking into the league in 2004. He started his college career at North CarolinaState and played well. After two years at NC State he decided to enter the NBA draft (2001) but with drew his name and went on to play two years at Georgia.

He played decent their but went undrafted. The Seattle SuperSonics took a flier on him and he made the team (2004). He played for Sonics/Thunder from 2004 to 2009. Believe it or not, Wilkins actually scored 41 points and grabbed 9 boards in a game against the Atlanta Hawks back in 2007.

Wilkins has never averaged double figures in his career. His career high is 9.2 ppg in 2007-08 season with the Sonics and he is averaging 6.0 ppg this year for Sixers. So why am I writing about Wilkins? To be honest, I am questioning myself the whole time I am writing this.

But hey, the dude has been the best Sixer in the second half of this season. Yes, it does make me sad that Wilkins has been the best Sixer but he deserves credit, so I will give it to him. In the month of March he averaged 12.3 ppg 2 assists and 3 rebound a game. In the first two games of April he has dropped 20 points and 9 boards against the Bobcats. Against the Hawks in front of his Uncle  Dominique, he posted 16 points 5 assists and 4 boards.

The biggest thing he has brought is toughness and defense during this run. Though it still pisses me off that he is getting more minutes than Moultrie in a lost season but it’s not Wilkins fault. He is just going out and playing. Well, that’s about all I got for Wilkins. I just figured to give him some love.


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