Philer Up! Some early numbers.


It’s been a roller coaster week one for the Phils. Hamels getting rocked in his first two starts. Halladay, who knows what to think, the middle relief looks like a disaster and the Phils are struggling with runners in scoring position.

I guess the one positive is that they battle until the last out. But that sounds like a typical Philly sports attitude, “at least they play hard”.  Anyway, I figure to give you some numbers after the first week of play.

Hamels has given up more runs (13) in 2 starts then he did in his first 7 starts (12) last season.                          

– the pitching staff has given up a league high 41 runs.                                       

– the bullpen has a 7.79 ERA  and has allowed 10 of 11 inherited runners to score.

Durbin in his career has a 1.75 era higher in April than his career era from May through September. Yup, what ever that means.

Doc is 9-2 with a 2.86 ERA in 12 career starts against the Mets. Optimistic now?

 Overall the pitching staff has the worst era in the league (6.70 era).

-Rollins has 2030 career hits. He is just 7 homers away from 200. He is also 7 RBI’s away from 800. He has 423 career doubles and 105 triples. He also has 406 stolen bases and a career .270 average. Hall of Fame numbers? He is only 33 years-old.  Throw in his Gold-Gloves, maybe.

-Utley looks awesome.


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