Philer Up! Good News. Roy Oswalt wants back. I think that’s good news


This Phils season is off to a wonderful start. To be honest, I don’t think I have ever seen so many people pissed off this early in a season. I truly believe that it’s a build up of frustration over this past year in Philly sports land. The Eagles were a mess. As for the Sixers, please don’t get me started on them and the Flyers have been a disappointment. So the Phils are just adding fuel to the fire right now.

I am being patient for now. I will save my flipping out for Doc and the Phils if they’re still playing like this in Mid-May. But hey guys don’t worry. There is a former Phillie that wants to help out.

In the middle of the Phils getting hammered by the Mets, old friend Roy Oswalt (I think) decided to tweet that he would love to sign with the Phils. He stated at first that he felt really good. Oswalt:

Just a update, I haven’t felt this good since 2010

Well, thanks Roy. I feel pretty good myself. The funny thing is that he (or someone for him) has not tweeted from that account in over 250 some days. Oswalt went on to say:

I would love to come back to Philly, loved my time there, amazing fans

I still do have an Oswalt T-shirt. By the way, I am scared for Doc.


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