TurnBuckle: Ryback vs Cena?.. Rumor Mill

After Monday’s RAW when Ryback attacked John Cena it left me kind of confused.  At first I thought it was to keep the feud with him and Mark Henry going post WrestleMania.  But then he turned to the Champ and hit The Meat Hook close line then the Shell Shock.

After hitting them he grabbed the belt, held it up and stood over Cena.  Now is this supposed to be a sign that he wants a run at the belt?  I mean Ryback needs another feud to keep himself as one of the top in the business.  This could be a good boost for him if that is the direction the WWE puts him in.

Just a quick update on the Rumor Mill Former WWE Champ may make a return.  Big Dave Batista might be getting back into wrestling.  He had left back in 2010 to pursue acting and an MMA career.  Hopefully this does go through.  The Aminal was one of my favorite wrestlers.


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