Eagles…Vick:”We don’t have to take a hit”. OK, then..


The Chip Kelly era official began with this weeks Mini-Camp. So what have we learned so far? Chip has the team preparing for the uptempo game. Vick is “1a” QB and Foles is “1b”. Howie Roseman likes “Meat and Potatoes”. Chip has given every player their very own smoothie cup and the Eagles have 4 players targeted for the up-coming draft.

The biggest thing though that I have read is that Vick said he feels refreshed in Kelly’s system. Mike, would you care to elaborate? Vick:

“This offense is very dynamic, up-tempo, fast-pace, it’s something like I’ve never seen before,” via philly.com

This dude sounds like a broken record. How many times have heard this before over the past couple of seasons? Yes, I still don’t understand why he is still on this team but that doesn’t matter now.

We all know about Vick’s history with injuries and in Chip Kelly’s offense the old Vick would fit nicely into it but those injuries and age have taken a toll on him. He doesn’t have that elite speed anymore, so his style will likely get him hurt again. BUT there’s a way for him to avoid contact Mike said:

“We don’t have to take a hit,” Vick said. “You’ll understand why when you see us practice or when you see us play.”via philly.com

I gotta see this, a NFL player that doesn’t have to take a hit. Well, besides the kicker. This is a MUST SEE.


One response

  1. Maybe he’ll try something revolutionary like throwing the ball within five seconds of the snap.

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