Sixers Balls: The best quotes from the Collins presser


The first of many moves (I would think and hope so) for the Sixers started yesterday with Collins “officially” resigning as the Sixers coach. I figure to give Sixers fans (if there is any still left besides a handful of us) some of the better quotes from yesterday. Let’s begin…

Collins on when he knew he was “out” as the Sixers coach..

About 2 months ago, I told Tony DiLeo and Rod Thorn this is going to be my last year…

I wonder if Bynum did come back from his injury that would have changed Doug’s mind? 2 months ago is about the same time Bynum was officially ruled out for the season. Hmmm…

If you think that Harris and Aaron were going to fire Doug, instead of Doug stepping away that was not happening. Harris:

“This is his decision…I want to make that unequivocally clear.”

Whoa?! Unequivocally? That’s a big word. I get it Mr. Harris, you’re book smart. Good for you.

Doug also believes in this ownership. He believes that they will not settle for mediocrity. Doug:

This owner is a guy you want to work with. The guy’s not going to settle for mediocrity

Of course you do Doug, you’re still under their payroll. Doug final statement:

Thank you for the respect the last 3 years. I hope I’ve been a man in every way’…

I do have a soft spot for you, Doug.  I really thought you were going to work out here.  The bottom line is that you were your own worst enemy at times.

 Moving on. The one person that might be happiest about Doug leaving is Evan Turner. We all know the battles him and Doug have had over the past 3 years. Turner on Doug leaving:

We both grew this year. I went through maturity. At the end of the day, respect was there.’

To bad the growth didn’t show on the court. But Turner still believes in himself. Turner:

‘I’m just tapping potential…Didn’t notice drastic difference in back-to-backs. It could be mental.’

Did he just say he thinks he is mental? I totally agree. I have always been a Turner backer (unfortunately) but the guy makes very hard to defend him. The dude is a head case.

Even Doug favorite player chimed in on Doug and that would be Thad. Thad on Collins:

He’s by far the best coach I’ve had.’ via Tom Moore of the PhillyBurbs 

Thad also explained what he thinks the Sixers need:

‘A center and a backup point guard.'”

Nice. Thad just took a shot at Hawes. I know he actually was talking about Bynum but I like the Hawes thing better.


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