Sixers Balls: Iverson is a “Lost Soul”


We have heard and know all the stories. The late nights at T.G.I.Fridays or at Houlihans. How he use to never pack clothes for a road trip, instead by fresh new gear in every city he visited. The team meetings he missed and how we will never forget “WE TALKIN PRACTICE’.

Iverson was a warrior on the court and everyone knows that, but off the court he is a lost soul. The Washington Post just put out a story on Iverson’s struggles off the court. It talks about his divorce, drinking problem, his fight to get back in the NBA and how he is  failing as a father. It also tells how Larry Brown and Pat Croce try to stay in touch with him and help him.

I have a soft spot for Iverson and I understand why others don’t. But on March 30, 2013 when Iverson step on the court for his bobble-head night I saw that I am not alone with my feelings. That was loudest I heard the arena all year. It had me wishing for the old days and that Iverson wasn’t a lost soul.Here is the link to the story. It’s a must read.


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