TurnBuckle: The Rock Leaving the WWE?

These past few weeks have had the WWE Universe skeptical on what’s going to happen in the future weeks to come.  But  one superstar has had something weighing on his mind.  That is whether or not he will be able to return to action and have a place on the card for next years WrestleMania30, as planned.

In a recent interview given by Peter Rosenburg, The Rock was asked if his match at Mania against Cena was his last given the injury that he suffered. The Brahma Bull responded with:

This May The Rock will turn 41.  We all know what age does to the healing process of the body.  But because of him being in such great shape he might possibly make a full recovery and go through rehab like it’s nothing. Well so we hope!

It has been said and The Rock confirmed it, that next year at WrestleMania 30 The Rock would 
face Brock Lesnar.  Man what a card that would be.  With Stone Cold rumored to be on the card then The Rock as well that would be epic! 

Here is the interview for you to hear it yourself:


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