2013 Mock Draft of Integrity

NFL Mock Draft

I’m going to be brutally honest with you.  I think mock drafts are a pointless exercise.  There are too many unknown variables and there is a lot of medical information that the general public doesn’t get access to that forces players down the draft that were all expected to be high picks.  Mix in the fact of all of the trades that occur and it is impossible to guess.  It is really an exercise for you, the readers, to get an idea of how the draft could possible go.  One thing I can tell you is that at least 5 trades will happen and for some reason there is always one highly rated player that will fall into the 20’s.  I ‘ve thrown in some predicted trades to make it a little more fun.  Here goes my 2013 NFL Mock Draft.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

Eric Fisher, Offensive Tackle

More of an Andy Reid type tackle.  Heckuva player.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars

Luke Joeckle, Offensive Tackle

J-ville is taking the best offensive tackle available.  Their roster is too poor not too.

3.  Oakland Raiders

Ezekiel Ansah, Defensive End

Pass rushers are key in this league.  I think this is a bit of a reach, but the Raiders love athletic freaks.

4.  (Trade Alert) San Diego Chargers

Lane Johnson, Offensive Tackle

Eagles are looking to trade down and with an offensive tackle on the board the get some leverage. They drop way down, but pick up a ton of value.  For the record, I think Lane Johnson is the best LT in this draft.

5.  (Trade Alert) New York Jets

Dion Jordan, Outside Linebacker

The Jets move up to get a playmaker on defense.  Very dynamic player.

6. Cleveland Browns

Dee Milliner, Cornerback

There is no reason to over think this pick, but I can see them trading down.  I ultimately think they take another lockdown corner.

7.   (Trade Alert) St. Louis Rams

Tavon Austin, Wide Receiver

St. Louis NEEDS to get Tavon Austin.  He is a home run hitter that this offense needs.

8.  Buffalo Bills

Ryan Nassib, Quarterback

Buffalo is going to reach and this will be the first shock of the draft.  Nassib drafted before Geno Smith.

9. Detroit Lions (acquired from New York Jets)

Jonathan Cooper, Offensive Guard

The Lions need to improve that o-line.  Cooper is too athletic to pass on.

10.  Tennessee Titans

Sharrif Floyd, Defensive Tackle

I like Floyd a lot, I just don’t see him going as high as everyone else has him going.  He is best suited in a 4-3 defense.

11. Philadelphia Eagles (acquired from San Diego Chargers)

Star Lotulelei, Defensive Tackle

Like I said, players fall all the time.  The birds get their dynamic NT to complete the defensive front 7.

12. Miami Dolphins

Kenny Vaccaro, Safety

I think Miami acquires Branden Albert to take care of the offensive line which allows them to take the best player available on defense as they have drastically overhauled that offense.  Vaccaro is a scary safety.

13. (Trade Alert) Dallas Cowboys

Chance Warmack, Offensive Guard

Jerry Jones is an active owner and knows a player like Chance Warmack is going to be a special player.  He traded up a bit last year and will do it again this year.

14.  Carolina Panthers

Sheldon Richardson, Defensive Tackle

Probably the most athletic DT in the draft, but his ceiling isn’t as high as others.

15. (Trade Alert) San Francisco 49ers

Barkevious Mingo, Outside Linebacker

It’s no secret the niners have a ton of picks to trade.  They jump on the chance to pair Mingo with Aldon Smith and form an even scarier pass rush. OMG.

16. Arizona Cardinals (Acquired from St. Louis)

D.J. Fluker, Offensive Tackle

The Cardinals missed out on a left tackle, but are able to trade down and get a road grading right tackle.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers

Xavier Rhodes, Cornerback

The Steelers are becoming old in the defensive backfield.  Rhodes fits the Steeler mentality.

18. New York Jets (Acquired from Dallas)

Tyler Eifert, Tight End

The Jets offense needs a weapon.  This 6’6″ TE is exactly that.  Scoring TDs in the red zone will be a lot easier with this guy.

19. (Trade Alert) Baltimore Ravens

Jarvis Jones, Outside Linebacker

Ozzie Newsome is another GM with a bunch of picks.  I think he parlays that into one of the most accomplished defensive players in this draft.

20. Chicago Bears

Manti Te’o, Middle Linebacker

Yes. Manti is a linebacker that can fill those Urlacher shoes.  He is a leader.

21. Cincinnati Bengals

Eddie Lacy, Running Back

When I see him run, I see Steven Jackson.  End of story.

22. (Trade Alert) Houston Texans

Cordarrelle Patterson, Wide Receiver

Houston moves up to grab the WR with the highest ceiling.  Andre Johnson needs some help on the other side.

23. Minnesota Vikings

Alec Ogletree, Middle Linebacker

The Vikings need to improve their front 7 and Ogletree can do that with ease.  Amazing in covered for his size.

24.  (Trade Alert) Philadelphia Eagles

Geno Smith, Quarterback

If the Geno slides far enough they will make a deal to move up and Ryan Grigson, former Eagles front office guy, accommodates the Eagles with the right price.

25. Minnesota Vikings

Sylvester Williams, Defensive Tackle

Like I said at pick 23, the Vikings need to improve their front 7.

26. Green Bay Packers

Eric Reid, Safety

If Reid falls to the Packers, they sprint to the podium to make the pick.

27. St. Louis Rams (Acquired from Houston)

Matt Elam, Safety

The Rams need a safety to complete that defensive backfield.  Elam can lay the wood.

28. Denver Broncos

Datone Jones, Defensive End

The offense is set in Denver, but I don’t know who can sack the QB other than Von Miller.  No development is needed with Jones.

29. New England Patriots

Keenan Allen, Wide Receiver

Patriots made a play for Emmanuel Sanders and missed.  They need to find some help on the outside for Tommy Boy.

30. Atlanta Falcons

Desmond Trufant, Cornerback

Grimes left so CB has to be addressed.

31. New Orleans Saints (Acquired from San Francisco 49ers)

Menelik Watson, Offensive Tackle

New Orleans has to find a way to improve the run game and protect Brees.  Watson accomplishes both.

32.  New York Giants (Acquired from Baltimore)

Arthur Brown, Outside Linebacker

Take a look at the Giants linebacking group and tell me they don’t address it.  Brown can be a starter day 1.


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