Eagles: Barkley? Interesting..


Well, this turned out to be an interesting weekend for the Birds. Moving up and grabbing Barkley? Damn, no one saw that coming. If  you said you did you’re a flat out liar and to take a quote from Monty Python,” I fart in your general direction”.

The two quarterbacks that we heard about were Manual and Geno obviously, because of Kelly’s “system”. You know what this tells me? Chip was not lying when he said that he wants an accurate and a quick decision maker behind center. Looks like Vick’s days are numbered, as well as Foles it would seem. Foles becomes a casualty of being drafted by another coach for another system. BUT with all that said, Chip said it still is a “wide-open” competition. Foles and Vick split first team snaps in Chip’s first mini-camp.

With Barkely, the Birds get a guy that was a Top 15 pick last year even with the likes of Luck and RG3. Barkley went back to  school to win Heisman and National championship. What he got was an early loss in the schedule to then #21 Stanford ending USC’s potential BCS national championship run. Then went on to lose 5 games last year, as well as losing to rival UCLA for the first time in six years. In that game Matt was knocked out with a separated shoulder and ending his college career.

All that doesn’t matter with Chip. Chip’s Oregon Ducks played against Barkley’s USC team plenty of times and Chip loved what he saw in Barkley:

There’s a quality about Matt you always liked,” Kelly told the NFL Network. “He’s an unbelievable competitor. We’re looking for a quarterback who can get us into the end zone and help us score points, and Matt can do that.” via CBSSports

Barkley’s last two games against the Ducks  he was 61 of 88, with 807 yards9 touchdowns, 3 interceptions and a passer rating of 117.9. via CBSSports
So maybe the Birds did get their QB of the future. Just maybe the Birds thought they could get Barkley late in the draft as they did. And just maybe they had Barkley at the top of their list of QB list after all. With that said, I will end  with a quote  from Chip Kelly on a QB:

With a quarterback, it’s like a tea bag. You don’t know what you have until you put it in hot water,'” said Kelly.

OK, good. I thought he was talking about this guy at first.

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  1. brandonsportexpert | Reply

    Finally a qb i can trust after vick. See ya foles!!!! Get him a line and a defense and barkley will win us a superbowl one day..remember where u heard first the only expert whos opinion matters.

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