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The Return of El Diablo: His choice of beverage for the Weekend is…Shiner Ruby RedBird.


El Diablo figured to give it one last run. For the people who don’t know, El Diablo has been giving the people his choice of beverage for the Summer Weekends for the past couple of years.

Sadly, this will be his last. He will retire into the Mexico sun-set after this Summer Season. So to kick off the Summer Season, El Diablo’s choice of beverage for the Weekend is...Shiner Ruby RedBird


His reasoning…” Perfect summer beer

The review:

Let’s dive in:

-For starters, the beer has a pleasing orange-copper hue and good clarity, though I found it to have minimal head and fast dissipation of the foam.

-The aroma was slightly sweet and I got just the faintest hint of buttery, almost-burnt popcorn.

-It had an average mouthfeel with adequate carbonation…Continue reading on The Thirsty

Contributor: Pat Hickman @pathickman

Sixers Balls: Mike Malone out of the running. Sixers waiting on Shaw?

Brian Shaw

The search continues for the next head coach of the Sixers and you can scratch one name off the list. That would be Mike Malone. Wojo was the first one to report it:

The highly regarded Malone got a deal worth more than $9 million if the fourth year team option is picked up by the Kings.

So what does this mean? To me at least, it seems as if the Sixers are waiting on Brian Shaw. It was reported last week that Hinkie flew from the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago to Indianapolis, where the Pacers were getting ready for their Eastern Conference Finals match-up against the Heat.

Well, the Pacers have 2 games left (at most). We should find out shortly after that. Shaw is also a candidate for the Clippers and Pistons job. So yeah, Shaw should go to the Clippers.

Philer Up! “Cougars” love themselves some Hamels.


Cole Hamels is 1-8 and has to be frustrated as hell. The Phils haven’t given Hamels a lead in a game in over a month. But Hey! There is good news. Moms, Soccer Moms or Cougars, whatever you like to call them are in love with Hamels.

So if you didn’t know there is a website called That’s just Awesome. So CougarLife did a survey to find out which MLB player its members would like to ’round the bases with’. Yes, “round the bases”.   Cougars love all the bases.

Out of 11,000 responses, Hamels came in second place.  David Wright was first and Matt Kemp was third. At least, Hamels is doing well some where.

TurnBuckle: Hulk Hogan Suffers A Burn

Well…. Once again I’m caught sleeping on the job.  This was supposed to be out last night but I started to get into the Phillies game and forgot all about it because they actually won!!  

Without further bullshitting and making excuses here’s the scoop…

The Hulkster had to make a trip to a local Tampa, Florida emergency room on Sunday.  

He suffered a burn on his hand in a radiator accident.  Hogan tweeted this around noon time on Sunday:

“Just had a radiator explode on my hand, OUCH,” 

Here is a set of before and after pics after getting the blisters cut away.  Don’t bother to look if you get grossed put pretty easily.  It’s pretty nasty.

Dynasty Football League Central: Young Bloods Part Deux

@TheFrankCap Yes I Tweet

Man this having a baby thing is time-consuming, but oh my gosh is it worth it! I’m back this week to piggyback off of my top 5 youngest IDPs  to give you my top 10 players under the age of 24.  If you don’t have one of these young guns on your team now, do not freak out.  With that said, as a dynasty league owner, you need to find a way to get some top young talent to build around for the future.  If you aren’t thinking long-term, then your team will ultimately fail at some point because football players have short shelf lives.

1. Andrew Luck, QBAndrew Luck
The most heralded QB since John Elway, Luck is absolutely a premier QB in the NFL after throwing for over 4,600 yards in 2012 and 28 total TDs while completing over half of his passes to rookies. Those numbers should skyrocket now that all of his rookie teammates should exponentially grow. Luck is going to put up some gaudy numbers over the next decade.


2. Robert Griffin III, QB
What a freak! I am so mad the Eagles need to deal with this guy for the next 10 years. His 2 ACL tears in 3 years are definitely scary, but RG3 proved he didn’t need to run the ball to be successful, but his fantasy stats may suffer if he doesn’t. End of the day, this is a #1 QB for the next 7-8 years, depending on his legs. I’m scared to own this guy in 2013 as he hasn’t been able to train as much, but the future is bright. RG3 owners need to make sure they have a top quality #2 QB at all times due to his potential to get injured.

3. Trent Richardson, RB
No real surprise to see Trent on this list. At only 21, his career might be similar to Adrian Peterson’s. This monster back will get 25 touches a game easily and approach 15 TDs this season. I know the Browns are bad, but they are getting better as the Steelers and Ravens get a little weaker due to age and free agency.  I don’t think Trent should be traded for at least 5 or 6 years.

4. Aaron Hernandez, TE
Yes. Even though he has been in the league 3 seasons, he is still only 23 years old. If it weren’t for Gronk, I’d place Hernandez higher on this list, but the matter of fact is that Gronk eats into Hernandez TD total which makes him a bit less valuable than the others listed 1 thru 3. 80 catches is the floor for Aaron and he might even get to 10 TDs this year now the Welker is gone.  If this Gronk arm injury is more serious than they Pats are leading on, Hernandez might become the #1 TE in dynasty.

5. Randall Cobb, WR
After 2 full seasons, Cobb will peak this season and get into the top 5 area in 2013.  He will be a total nightmare in the slot for the Packers and I can see the Packers using Cobb in a similar role to what Percy Harvin can do.  Cobb will line up in the backfield, the slot and out wide.  Aaron Rodgers is drooling somewhere over the possibilities.

6. Josh Gordon,  WR
After missing the final year of college, most players would have significant trouble transitioning to the Josh GordonNFL, but not Gordon. Dez Bryant missed his final college year and caught 45 passes for 561 yards and 7 TDs. Gordon beat that with 50 receptions for 805 yards and 5 TDs.  I’m not going to great crazy about Gordon, but he will probably approach 1,200 yards receiving this season mixed in with 6 TDs.

7. TY Hilton, WR
You want speed, go get Hilton. He might be small, but he is a game breaker. I expect him to come close to 1,300 yards and maybe 10 TDs with Luck throwing to him at some point in his career. The Colts are going to find ways to get this guy the ball and when he does, watch out. Long TDs with lots of bonus points in this guy’s future.

8. David Wilson, RB
I know that he really hasn’t done anything yet, but behind Trent Richardson, Wilson is the RB who excites me most. Only 21 years old and still learning the game, he is a total monster to be reckoned with. He may or may not start much in 2013, but he is a player who will be an eventual starter in NYC. He has speed and vision. If he can look to hold onto the ball, Coughlin will use that skill wisely.

9. Kyle Rudolph,  TE
This Fighting Irish Alum may never really be a top 3 TE, but he is a #1 TE for dynasty teams and after 2 seasons in the league, his 3rd year might be a bust out season. Unfortunately with APETE on the team, TD targets will be low, but receptions should increase.  Rudolph’s production will increase as APETE’s production goes down.

10. Mark Ingram, RB
Ingram’s career has been ho –hum to this point, but considering his age and the crowded backfield he was dealing with, the carries were scarce. Now that the backfield has one less RB, Ingram should see more carries in 2013. Pierre Thomas also might be on the outs after 2013 now that he is turning 29 this year with a large contract. 2013 may or may not be Ingram’s year, but 2014 definitely will be.  I wouldn’t sell the house to acquire Ingram, but he will be a low-end #2 RB for 4 or 5 years.

Quick Tuggs: Mets announcer Keith Hernandez needs work on his analogies.

images (19)

Keith Hernandez has been a Mets broadcaster for years now. Keith, the former 11-time Gold Glove Award winner is considered one of the best defensive first baseman of all-time. But he might want to work on his analogies.

The Mets were playing the Yankees this past Memorial Day and in the bottom of the first inning, Yankees starter Phil Hughes induced Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy into a broken bat ground out to first. That play happens a lot in baseball.


“That is a dead soldier right there folks laying on that infield dirt. That’s what we call getting sawed off. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of. It happens.” via Yahoo!

Insert foot into mouth. 

Sixers Balls: Can Hinkie help Turner?


Can Hinkie help Turner? What a weak headline there Joseph. Apologies… Ben Goldberg-Morse of the Philly Inquirer thinks that Hinkie might be able to get more production out of a Jrue and….Get ready for it, Evan Turner.

BREAKING:  The Sixers struggled to score last season. They shot just 44.4 percent from the field and ranked 30th in the league in team scoring (93.2 ppg). The Sixers also lead the NBA in attempts from inefficient areas. What does that mean? A lot of dumb shots and as “Sabr” guys would say, “Long-Two’s”.

If you watched the Sixers this past year, you didn’t have to look up those numbers. You already knew about their bad shot selection. Thanks, Swaggy! Now, if only Hinkie really can fix Turner. I will never say a bad thing about the guy. EVER.

Personally, I think Turner should learn to play in the post more. He has good enough vision to pass out of the post, if doubled. He also has the size and strength to post up smaller guards. Say what you want, Turner at the very least last season developed a solid corner three-ball.

Now, if only Turner wasn’t such a head case and learned to actually finish around the rim better. The dude just worries about drawing contact, instead of actually finishing.

And Yes, I am still a fan of Turner. I might be the only one left.

Sixers Balls: Next head coach should tell us what direction the Sixers are heading


Are the Sixers close to a head coach yet?  I would hope so. Jeff Hornacek was just hired by the Suns. The Bobcats hired Lakers assistant Steve Clifford and the Bucks are closing in on a new candidate.

The next head coach should give us an idea of what direction the Sixers are heading in. If they name a first time head coach, it could mean that they’re looking to “add” then to “shed” contracts for the up coming 2013-14 season, according to Ric Bucher.  

Bucher thinks that a first time coach would likely stay away from a losing situation. He might be right.  If the Sixers intend to cut their payroll and shoot for a high lottery pick in the loaded 2014 draft that could easily scare off a first time head coach.  On the other hand, a “seasoned” coach may understand the situation and be more willing to forfeit a few years for the better of the franchise.

Going by Hinkie’s track record in Houston, it would seem that he might be looking at a transition year. Signing players to one-year deals and trying to load-up on draft picks.

The 2014 free agent class is more talented than this year’s class and the Sixers could have plenty of cap space with Hawes, Turner, Allen, and Kwame all likely coming off the books in 2014. Hinkie might also have Andrew Wiggins “fever”.

I have never been a fan of “Tanking”, for the simple reason that it doesn’t guarantee anything. Just ask the Orlando Magic about that. Like I said before, the next coach should give us an idea of what the Sixers are thinking.

Philer Up! Dom Brown is Free!


Has it happen? Could it be?  Dom Brown is free?!  I am going to be honest with you; I really thought that Dom was ruined. Ruined by the way Amaro and the rest of the Phillies organization used him. I have written plenty times before on how I felt about that topic.  Dom might be putting his “nay-sayer’s” to rest.

Dom has been delivering.  The one thing that I have noticed is that he has been more aggressive at the plate, especially in RBI situations. Although some people are now bitching about his patience at the plate and that he has yet to take a walk in the month of May. They might want to do their homework a little better.

Dom is seeing 3.8 pitches per plate appearance, which ranks him 97th MLB.  OK, fine. I would like him a little higher as well. BUT A. J. Ellis (4.4), Lucas Duda (4.3) and Rickie Weeks (4.2) all are ranked in the Top Ten with pitches seen, are not producing. Weeks is hitting .171 with 3 bombs and 10 rbi. Duda is hitting .228 with 8 bombs and 15 rbi. Ellis is batting .265 with 2 bombs and 10 rbi. The only guy who is hitting over .300 in the Top Ten in pitches seen is Paul Goldschmidt (4.36).

I have learned that patience at the plate is not always good. For example, when Bobby Abreu was with the Phils, he always seemed to walk more in key situations then getting that “base-knock”. Bobby was known for his patience at the plate.

So in ending, I will take the “Aggressive” Dom Brown over the “Patient” Dom Brown any day. Why? He is hitting .291 with 6 bombs and 16 rbi in the month of May. He also has a slugging percentage of .570 in the month May as well. That’s why.

Philer Up! Utley to the DL. Good old friend “Minny-Mart” is back. Sigh..

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Arizona Diamondbacks

Well, at least its not  Utley’s knees. Thinking positive people. Matt Gelb of Inquirer reports that the Phils have placed Utley on the DL, with what the team is calling “a very mild oblique injury.” Utley had a MRI exam on Thursday.

The results showed no rib-cage injury and Amaro said Utley would miss two to four weeks. Looks like Freddy Time. Like I said before, every time that Galvis has been on the field he has produced this year.

I have one question though. Why in the HELL would you call up “Minny-Mart” for Utley? The dude brings nothing. Well, I shouldn’t say nothing. He is a solid fielder and can play multiple positions (outfield and infield). I guess that is Amaro’s thinking. Still don’t get it though.

Here is something for all you stat lovers. David Murphy of the Daily News points this out about Martinez:

I would have brought Ruf up and given him a start this weekend, then used him as the DH in Boston. Galvis and Frandsen are decent replacements for Utley for now.