Sixers Balls: Barkley for GM..


The other day my 9 year-old Goddaughter had her “Opening Day Parade” for her Softball League.  They pulled out all the works. They had “Old People” in convertibles and people throwing candy for the little kids. The best part about the parade was when the fire engines came down the street.

You had moms and dads holding there little one’s in their hands trying to get the kids to wave to the firemen. Trying, you might ask? Well, the drivers of the fire trucks were using the siren the whole time and kids were crying everywhere. The funny thing was that the firemen were totally oblivious to the entire thing. Funny as hell.

Of course my 4-year-old daughter wanted to be in the parade as well. My wife grabs the first shirt she could find and put it on my daughter, so she could catch up to my niece. The shirt was a Sixers shirt, actually an Evan Turner shirt. Yes, I know bad parenting. I will save that explanation for another time.

When I saw my daughter in the Sixers shirt all of the nightmares of this season started to come back to me. How I feel like there is almost no HOPE in sight for them. The Sixers need a miracle, plain and simple.

There is a lot of talk of who will be the next head coach. Brian Shaw? I do like Shaw but he could be in demand. If he is, the Sixers might be the last place he is looking at. Money is not the issue, talent is. Holiday is the ONLY sales point that the Sixers have. The Sixers might have to make a helluva sales pitch to get Shaw. You can throw in Jeff Hornacek and Mike Malone as a couple of new names for the Sixers head coaching spot as well.

To be honest with you, I think the Sixers need to look at the GM first. The Sixers desperately need a good talent evaluator. I know DiLeo hasn’t really gotten a real chance, considering he just took over last season, though he was put in place so Collins could have the final say. So if I am Joshua Harris and Adam Aaron the first thing I am looking for is a GM. On the TOP of my list would be “Sir” Charles Barkley.

Yes, you might think I am a “knuckle head”, to steal quote from Barkley but the dude knows the game. There is no doubt about that. I can guarantee that Charles would love a shot at the position. All he does is evaluate players on a nightly basis for TNT and he is one of the few “experts” that actually makes sense when he talks. Did you ever hear Magic Johnson give analysis?

There are former players scattered everywhere in front offices around the league. Danny Ainge, Joe Dumars and John Paxson just to name a few. Kevin McHale was a solid GM and Jerry West might be the best of the former players. People who follow the NBA close enough will understand where I am coming from with this.

Yes, I get it. It might be hard for some to take Barkley serious but I truly believe that he would be good at it. Maybe, I am reaching. Maybe, I am just looking for someone to save my beloved Sixers and I am getting desperate.

 BUT  like I said before, Charles is one of the few “experts” that makes sense when he is talking hoops.


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