Philer Up! Doc on his way to the DL. Adam Morgan time?


This sucks watching the decline of Doc, it really does.  Though reports out of Phils land is that he might have a shoulder issue. Doc said after the 14-2 beat down by the Marlins that he felt soreness in his shoulder on April 25, after making his start the day before.

Well, I thought it was just his “cutter” that was the issue. I really do hate seeing Doc like this. I sound like a broken record. Amaro on Doc:

“He’s experiencing some shoulder difficulties, some shoulder pain, and we’re likely going to have to put him on the DL,” Amaro said. “[The pain is] a little different than I think Doc has experienced. Up until now, he hasn’t really expressed any discomfort. But today, after the game, it sounds like we’re going to have to go ahead and DL him.” via CSN

So why didn’t Doc tell him earlier than today? Like on April 25.  Amaro:

He did not [tell anyone about the injury],” Amaro said. “I think he thought it was just kind of normal postgame soreness. He had thrown pretty well for a couple of games. Again, he hasn’t been on the injury report for any discomfort. Now he will be.”

It looks like Adam Morgan might finally get his shot. Doc needs to stay out until he is truly healthy. He can’t let his pride get in the way.

Here is Morgan numbers at Triple-A:

W-L       ERA      GS        Inn    Hits     HR     BB     Ks     OppAve
 1-2        3.89       6      34.2        30        4        11      26         .233
Here is a quick scouting report on Morgan:
Among the more advanced pitching prospects in the Phillies’ system, Jonathan Pettibone might have the best feel for pitching, but this lefty from Alabama has a higher ceiling. The lefty topped the system in strikeouts in 2012 (he was third in all of the Minors), while he finished fourth in ERA and fifth in batting average against. He did it with three pitches that have the chance to be above-average. He’s shown an ability to beat a team in a number of different ways, depending on what’s working for him that outing, sometimes pitching off his fastball, sometimes getting hitters with his slider, others with his changeup. He projects to have above-average control of all of them, giving him the chance to be at least a No. 3 starter, if not more, in the big leagues. via

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