Philer Up! The End of the Doc? Say it ain’t so


We got the news we all expected. Doc needs surgery. Matt Gelb of the Inquirer reported that Halladay has a bone spur that caused fraying to his rotator cuff and labrum.  He actually has a slightly torn rotator cuff and will have surgery to clean that up. He will be out for at least 3 months.

Doc seems to happy that the news was sort of good. Doc:

 “The doctor seemed pretty optimistic, that if what they said is correct, I can come back and be more effective.”

 If there is a chance it’s worse than it appears. Doc:

You know, I guess  there could be. But I thought it was very clear on the x-ray. He didn’t indicate to me no point in our conversation did he say “but, it could be a lot worse.’ He didn’t say that. You can’t ever rule that out, but it was never in our conversation. He never said that, he felt like it was something that we could take care of. via

Is this the “End of the Doc” in a Phils uniform? It sure looks that way.  I am not going to lie; this depresses the hell out of me. I badly wanted to see Doc going down Broad Street. The Phils have a vesting option for next year (20 million), that won’t be picked up. Would Doc come back for less money? He said that he loves it here (I believe him) but who the hell knows. This blows.


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