TurnBuckle: I’m The Miz and I’m……Coming back!!!

After being away from the WWE pretty much since WrestleMania the “AAWWEESSOOMMEE” one is due to make his return on this coming Monday Night RAW in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Yes,  you guessed it The Miz is being advertised for RAW.  The “AAEEWEESSOOMMEE” one took time off after losing to The Barrett Barrage the night after WrestleMania to film the movie Christmas Bounty.  

With all these injuries going around this return can not come at a better time than now.  We all know The Miz can be that superstar to step into the spotlight and run with it as he has in the past.  I mean he might have to with Punk being out and not due to return for at least a few months and now Dolph Ziggler with a concussion.  

Here is a little clip I’m guessing from the set of the movie Christmas Bounty.  Make sure you listen closely around the 10 second mark.  He says he farted!


One response

  1. As a big fan of the Miz, this is certainly happy news

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