Sixers Balls: Doug’s “Yes Man” is gone. Hinkie is in.


I have been saying it and writing about it. This was one of things I talked about the most on WIP the other night. Before the Sixers named a Head Coach, they needed a decision maker in the worst way. The Sixers needed a GM. DiLeo was brought in to be Doug’s “Yes Man”. Plain and Simple. My cry was heard today.

Adam Wojnarowski of Yahoo! reports:

The Philadelphia 76ers have hired Houston Rockets executive Sam Hinkie to be the franchise’s new general manager, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Hinkie will replace Tony DiLeo with the 76ers and assume full control of basketball operations.

Hinkie had a major part in reshaping the Rockets. He brings an analytics mind to the Sixers. He also has done fairly well in the drafts and free agency with the Rockets. This is something that the Sixers need BADLY. Captain Obvious strikes again!

I had to take a shot at myself there. Sabr guys will be very excited about this hire. I am for it as well. I just hope that the Sixers still use there scouts right. Numbers tell some of the story BUT they don’t tell the whole story. Good move by the Sixers. Hopefully, this starts a trend.


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