Eagles: Mix-Tape Time!


Come on, you think Chip Kelly is the only one that can play “DJ”?  I used to win dance contest at “Splash Parties” all the time. I know I could talk about how Vick and Foles split first team snaps, though actually Vick took a few more. I could also talk about how fast-paced Chip Kelly’s practice was… BUT we will have plenty of time for that later.

Since Chip said there is a “science” behind him playing “DJ”, I figure that I would come up with  my own mix-tape for the Birds. Obviously, it has to be broken down into categories and of course have titles. Let’s begin…

Offense: ” Dat Hot Shit Volume One”

1. K-7- “Move it like this”

Reason:  Why not?

2.  JJ Fad- “SuperSonic”

Reason: The Eagles play fast now, right?

Defense: “Dat Hot Shit Volume Two”

1.  B-Real, Coolio, Method Man, LL Cool J and Busta Rythmes- “Hit Em High”

Reason: I just wanted to hear Coolio again.

2. GodSmack: I Stand Alone

Reason: If this song doesn’t make you want to go out and hit someone nothing will.

Special Teams: “Dat Hot Shit Volume Three”

Coverage Team

1. System Of A Down- B.Y.O.B

Reason: You have to be insane to play special teams in the NFL.  And these dudes fit right in.

Return Team

2. M.C. Hammer- “Can’t touch this”

Reason: I love Hammer.

For closing:

Digital Underground- “Humpty Dance”

Reason: For team bonding.


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