Philer Up! Zambrano for a minor league deal? Sure, why not.


Zambrano once called his teammates “Triple-A” players. Now the dude is trying to resurrect his career there. Can you say Karma? With that said, signing Zambrano to a minor league deal makes sense.

If he goes all “Zambrano” on the Phils they can just release him. The deal does include an out clause for Zambrano in early July, if the Phillies don’t add him to the big-league roster by then.

Zambrano will report this week to Clearwater, for extended spring-training.  He played for Team Venezuela in the WBC this past year. The three-time All-Star last pitched in the Majors last September with Miami.

Zambrano, 31, is 132-91 with a 3.66 ERA in 12 seasons. Though in his past two seasons he went 16-17 with a 4.66 ERA . Here is Phils assistant GM Scott Proefrock on Zambrano:

“We got positive feedback from everybody who has interacted with him recently,” Proefrock said. “We did our due diligence. It’s just good business. via ESPN

So Zambrano has matured, Lovely. If he can’t pitch anymore the Phils should just use him as a pinch hitter. He is a career .238 hitter, with 10 bombs in 693 abats.

Here is a Zambrano meltdown. You’re Welcome…


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