Sixers Balls: We are talking Balls! Lottery Time!

2008 NHL Draft Drawing

So it begins tonight night, the beginning of a long journey for the Sixers to the land of “Who the Hell Knows”. If you say you know what direction the Sixers will take this off-season you’re part of the “Illuminati”. That is my only guess.

I have written it in a previous post that the Sixers have a total of 8 balls for the Lottery tonight. That means they have a .8% chance for all you special people, who like me needed to go out to the “Trailer” for help in school. Or you could just call it the “Special Bus”.

The Sixers have a 90% chance at staying at the 11th pick in 1st round. They have a 3% chance of grabbing the 2nd or 3rd overall pick. They also have a 6% chance that the Raptors, Mavericks or the Jazz pushes them below 11th pick.

Did you get all that? I wrote the damn thing and I am not sure if I got it. Whatever position the Sixers get Hinkie will be the man in charge of evaluating the talent. Most NBA people of have applauded the Sixers for hiring Hinkie, though some are not quite sold. Here is one league executive thoughts:

“Who is making the basketball decisions right now?” asked one league executive.  via InsideHoops

He was told that it’s Hinkie’s ship according to He replied:

Don’t they have a basketball guy helping out in some ways?”

That’s a very good question. The Sixers did need an analytics expert in the organization (Hinkie), but you still need a BASKETBALL GUY with say. So who is Hinkie’s right hand man? Another analytics guy? I hope not. Rod Thorn is still there on an advisory role. Though there are rumors of Josh Harris and Hinkie not wanting his advice anymore.

The Sixers need a True B-Ball guy to go with Hinkie. So if the rumors are true about Thorn, does that mean that the Sixers are looking at someone else on the outside? Maybe and Hopefully.

Here is the complete list of teams and how many balls they have:

Orlando Magic (250)

Charlotte Bobcats (199)

Cleveland Cavaliers (156)

Phoenix Suns (119)

New Orleans Pelicans (88)

Sacramento Kings (63)

Detroit Pistons (36)

Washington Wizards (35)

Minnesota Timberwolves (17)

Portland Trail Blazers (11)

Sixers (8)

Toronto Raptors (7)

Dallas Mavericks (6)



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