Philer Up! A little rundown on the Phils

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This has been a hell of week in ‘Phils Land”. You had Chooch go on the DL, Howard receiving a cortisone shot and Utley hurting his rib cage (DL possible). You also had the Phils announce that Schilling will be inducted into their “Wall of Fame” and that Brad Lidge will retire as Phillie.

I almost forgot. Phillippe Aumont was sent to Triple-A after last nights win. He will likely be replaced by Mike Stutes on Friday. Did I forget anything? With all that said, the Phils have won 2 straight series and are just one game under .500 for the first time since April 15. They’re also 7-3 in their last 10 games. Believe it or not, the Phils starting pitchers lead the league with 32 quality starts. So yeah, believe it.

The Phils are set to open a 3 game-series against the Nats (23-23) on Friday. The battle for SECOND PLACE!  The Phils are only 5.5 games out of first. It just seems like they’re further out. The pitching match-ups are Kyle Kendrick (4-2, 2.82) versus Jordan Zimmerman (7-2, 1.62) on Friday, Jonathan Pettibone (3-0, 3.00) versus Dan Haren (4-5, 5.54) on Saturday and Cole “I am about to flip the “F” out” Hamels  (1-7, 4.45) pitches Sunday afternoon. The Nats have not named a starter for Sunday. It should be a fun series.

A couple of more things, Dom Brown is hitting .270 with 5 bombs and 12 rbi’s in the month of May. I love what I am seeing from him even in the field. Is Delmon waking up? Yes, we all love to make fun of Delmon but the guy has always been a solid hitter in his “nutty-ass” career. Not a great hitter, a solid hitter.

By the way, Galvis does something good every-time he is on the field.


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