Philer Up! Dom Brown is Free!


Has it happen? Could it be?  Dom Brown is free?!  I am going to be honest with you; I really thought that Dom was ruined. Ruined by the way Amaro and the rest of the Phillies organization used him. I have written plenty times before on how I felt about that topic.  Dom might be putting his “nay-sayer’s” to rest.

Dom has been delivering.  The one thing that I have noticed is that he has been more aggressive at the plate, especially in RBI situations. Although some people are now bitching about his patience at the plate and that he has yet to take a walk in the month of May. They might want to do their homework a little better.

Dom is seeing 3.8 pitches per plate appearance, which ranks him 97th MLB.  OK, fine. I would like him a little higher as well. BUT A. J. Ellis (4.4), Lucas Duda (4.3) and Rickie Weeks (4.2) all are ranked in the Top Ten with pitches seen, are not producing. Weeks is hitting .171 with 3 bombs and 10 rbi. Duda is hitting .228 with 8 bombs and 15 rbi. Ellis is batting .265 with 2 bombs and 10 rbi. The only guy who is hitting over .300 in the Top Ten in pitches seen is Paul Goldschmidt (4.36).

I have learned that patience at the plate is not always good. For example, when Bobby Abreu was with the Phils, he always seemed to walk more in key situations then getting that “base-knock”. Bobby was known for his patience at the plate.

So in ending, I will take the “Aggressive” Dom Brown over the “Patient” Dom Brown any day. Why? He is hitting .291 with 6 bombs and 16 rbi in the month of May. He also has a slugging percentage of .570 in the month May as well. That’s why.


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