Sixers Balls: Can Hinkie help Turner?


Can Hinkie help Turner? What a weak headline there Joseph. Apologies… Ben Goldberg-Morse of the Philly Inquirer thinks that Hinkie might be able to get more production out of a Jrue and….Get ready for it, Evan Turner.

BREAKING:  The Sixers struggled to score last season. They shot just 44.4 percent from the field and ranked 30th in the league in team scoring (93.2 ppg). The Sixers also lead the NBA in attempts from inefficient areas. What does that mean? A lot of dumb shots and as “Sabr” guys would say, “Long-Two’s”.

If you watched the Sixers this past year, you didn’t have to look up those numbers. You already knew about their bad shot selection. Thanks, Swaggy! Now, if only Hinkie really can fix Turner. I will never say a bad thing about the guy. EVER.

Personally, I think Turner should learn to play in the post more. He has good enough vision to pass out of the post, if doubled. He also has the size and strength to post up smaller guards. Say what you want, Turner at the very least last season developed a solid corner three-ball.

Now, if only Turner wasn’t such a head case and learned to actually finish around the rim better. The dude just worries about drawing contact, instead of actually finishing.

And Yes, I am still a fan of Turner. I might be the only one left.


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