Overbrook!!! Dominating the scene of Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy Baseball

After 9 grueling weeks, I find myself tied for 1st overall in the league at 6-3.  This past week proved to be the toughest of any of the weeks as I played one of the most in-tuned owners in the league named Jeggs.  No surprised to anyone, it was a heavyweight match as we ended 1 and 2 for the week in  most points scored.  I must admit I had my doubts coming into the week, but I ended up the victor and left Jeggs with a bad fantasy loss which is never easy to take.

Cliff Lee has really been carrying me the last few weeks by  pitching gem after gem. Mix in what Patrick Corbin and Mike Minor have been doing and I have a 3 starters who have gone 8-0 over the past 15 days.  Those 3 pitchers have gotten me 68 strikeouts over the time as well while limiting the walks.  Anyone who has had these 3 guys on their team during the season probably has more wins than losses.  I’m just hoping Cole Hamels can get out of this rut of bad losses and my team could become dominant.

My offense has really been something to talk about as well.  In the past 15 days, my offense has slugged 24 HRs with 66 RBIs led by Adam Jones, Tulowitzski, and Ryan Zimmerman with 5, 4 and 4 HRs each respectively.  Kelly Johnson had 11 RBIs the past 2 weeks and I am struggling with the idea that he can keep this up, but after a 1/3 of the way through the season, he is simply mashing.  I have to keep going with him until he fades away.

This week I meet up with another 6-3 team, The Skitz, who has stud pitchers galore, but average hitters at best.  The Skitz has been at the top of the standings from the beginning of the season so to take him down would be a big win for me.  He is one of the only 2 teams to have more points (97) scored than me on the season so by default, it should be the best match-up in the league.  Next week I go against a 4-5 team and then another 6-3 team.  If I go 2-1, I’ll be happy, but if by some chance I can go 3-0, I’ll be ecstatic.  But first things first, got to take care of “The Skitz”.


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