Eagles: McNabb just loves to talk.

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And we thought McNabb loved to talk when he was an Eagle. This dude just doesn’t stop talking. In case you missed it, McNabb took some shots at RG3 the other day. It wasn’t anything major. It was about how McNabb thought RG3 should concentrate on football and the team more.

RG3 has done a ton commercial this off-season. He also seems to be accessible to the media, anytime they need him. I guess Don doesn’t like that, though it sounds like McNabb would like RG3 to reach out to him. Here is McNabb on being criticized for criticizing RG3:

The whole thing about it,  a question was asked for me [and] these were my thoughts that I thought would be a benefit for he and his family,” McNabb told NFL Network.  “Whatever people may feel about it, I could care less.  But I figured it could help him in many ways.” via NBCSports.com

So put it out through the Media? Yeah, RG3 is going to want your help now. McNabb continues:

“The whole thing about it for me is that I love to talk to the younger guys and just prepare them for what is in front of them,” McNabb said.  “A lot of them are unaware and when things kind of happen, there is no one to kind of talk to them.  I think from my 13 years of experience and watching football all my life, if you can give a helping hand, reach back and give these guys a little bit of guidance if you can, why not do it?” via NBCSports.com

It’s a good idea there Don. But if RG3 doesn’t want your help bro, then get over it. McNabb mentors Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. Don let it go bro.


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