Sixers Balls: Aron out as CEO and still no Coach.


So the Draft is a few days away and the Sixers still don’t have a Head Coach and now they just fired their CEO.  At the very least, the Sixers are trying to make thinks interesting.  Howard Eskin was the first one to report that Adam Aron is out with the Sixers.

Eskin’s early reports are confirmed by Keith Pompey of the Inquirer:

The 76ers have fired chief executive officer Adam Aron, a league source confirmed Monday afternoon.

I meet Adam Aaron a few times from working down at Wells Fargo. He was a nice and polite guy.  At the end of the day, that doesn’t help you keep your job.  Adam tried everything he could to interact with Sixer fans, via twitter or taking calls from them on WIP.  We will never forget his failure to make “Phil E. Moose” the mascot though.  He tried so hard for that moose.  The main reason why Aron is gone is the Bynum fiasco.  Aron will not take blame for the actual trade, though he will take blame for the way he handle it “PR” wise.  All of the billboards that he placed everywhere in the city. The Constitution Center celebration and the tickets sales that he generated from the trade were the reasons for his firing.  All of that came back to smack him in the face.

Hinkie is cleaning house. It could be a good thing or a bad thing, only time will tell.   One thing seems to be sure about Hinkie, he likes to have a shit load of work to do (Coach, CEO, and Draft). By the way, there are reports out that MSG executive Scott O’neil could be Aron’s replacement.


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