Puck Heads: The End Of An Era


The End Of An Era. No more universe. No more tigers and no more entertaining press conferences.  Homer and the Flyers have said good-bye to Bryz (bought-out).  The Flyers will pay 23 million to Bryz over the next 14 years. The best part about today’s news is how Bryz  handle it with the Philly media.  Exhibit A:


That is awesome. We all know how the media and Bryz got along. They were just awful with him, especially Tim Panaccio. The dude had a personal vendetta against Bryz.

Bryz’s first year with the Flyers was a disgrace but last year wasn’t all his fault. He faced a ton of extra shots because of the defensemen being out of position or not cleaning up in front of him. I am not saying that he was really good last year. All that I am saying is that he wasn’t the main problem. How many 3 on 2’s and 2 on 1’s did he face this past year again?

So Mason is now the starter? I hope not. There are rumors of the Flyers going after Roberto Luongo. Homer tries to put that to rest. Homer:

“I don’t see how that would work.

Luongo will be wearing the Orange and Black by the end of the summer. Book it.

One thing is for sure, the Flyers are always good for entertainment.  Every off-season they’re in Fantasy Hockey mode. I saw this on twitter today. In last 12 months former Flyers Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, Justin Williams, Simone Gagne, Patrick Sharpe, Dan Carcillo, Michael Handzus and Ray Emery have all won the Cup.  And of course, Bob has won the Vezina. Lovely…

For old time sake, here is Bryz’s answering questions about falling asleep at meetings.


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