Sixers Balls: Hinkie’s Era begins.


The time has come. The Era of Hinkie begins. Fire up your spread sheets and your Microsoft Excel program its data time.  I am actually excited for this draft. I complete understand if I am the only one that holds this excitement. I mean, the Sixers still don’t have coach (seems like they don’t even care), the fired there CEO (I think) and this year’s draft is not deep at all.  I am actually killing my own excitement.

Most mock drafts that I have seen have Cody Zeller and Kelly Olynyk coming to the Sixers with the 11th pick. Zeller is soft as hell and some scouts compare Olynyk to Spencer Hawes.  Just what this team needs another Spencer Hawes.  OK, I might have just killed it. The Sixers also have two second picks (35th and 42nd picks overall). The Sixers have been linked to moving up and down in the draft. They have been linked to DeMarcus Cousins as well. You thought Evan Turner was a head case; this dude might even a bigger one.  He is talented as hell though.

What makes me excited for this year’s Draft is not knowing what Hinkie will do. Is Hinkie operating by himself?  I know Doug Collins and Rod Thorn are consultants to the team, but will they be in the “War” room with Hinkie? I really have no clue. It might be just Hinke and his spread sheets.  Bless Hinkie’s little heart if that is the case.  I deal with a lot of spread sheets at work. When I am done I want to go play with on coming traffic.

If I were drafting for the Sixers I would take Kentavious Caldwell-Pope with the 11th pick. Caldwell-Pope, 20, is a 6’6″ shooting guard out of Georgia. He is good at coming off-screens and he can spread the floor with his jumper.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope,

Here is a scouting report on Caldwell-Pope:

Natural scoring ability (18.5 PPG) and effortless range (37% 3PT) in a classic shooting guard frame. He displayed massive improvement from freshman to sophomore campaigns. A more relaxed shooter in his second year, fully utilizing his foundation for better balance to spring into the shot. Solid elevation and consistent point of release. The trey is his layup. One-man show at Georgia — any possession where he found space to fire was a good possession. Pick and roll was usually the offensive set of choice.

I also would try to move up if possible, maybe packaging the 11th pick and Thad Young together. Though that would likely only get the Sixers up two spots at the most. By the way, has Adam Aron been fired again yet?

Here is list of players drafted with the 11th pick since 2003:

2003- Mickael Pietrus

2004_ Andris Biedrins

2005- Fran Vazquez

2006- JJ Reddick

2007- Acie Law

2008- Jerryd Bayless

2009- Terrence Williams

2010- Cole Aldrich

2011- Klay Thompson

2012- Meyers Leonard


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