Sixers Balls: Things could be finally heating up


Hinkie, who has been quieter than a buddhist monk on a “No-speaking” vow, has finally made contacted with the outside world. So what is the news? Sixers are trying to move up. This comes from a writer from  Philadunkia (ESPN affiliate)

Like I said earlier, if the Sixers are willing to make move it would have to be 11th pick (obviously) and a player. That player likely would be Thad Young. Besides Jrue, he is the only other player with value. Sixers are targeting  Oladipo, Bennett (forget him now, Cavs man) and McCollum. The Sixers really want to match Jrue up with another perimeter player.

C.J. McCollum, 6’3  SG, Lehigh.

Scouting Report:

Combination guard whose game is marked by a lethal capacity for scoring. His off the dribble variety is elite—hesitation, rocker and crossover—excellent shiftiness and ability to burst through an open seam … He can score from anywhere, a truly unpredictable defensive assignment in the half cout

McCollum will need to further cultivate his lead guard and team running skills at the next level … At this point, he profiles as more of a natural scoring, combo guard. via

Victor Oladipo, 6’4″ SG, Indiana

Scouting Report:

His upside will depend on his offensive game. While he has made tremendous strides on that side of the ball, he’s still fairly unrefined as a playmaker off the dribble. His jumper has become more effective, but he still only took 1.9 3-pointers a game this season.

Given how much he improved in the last season, it’s hard to put a ceiling for how good he can become, although few guards develop into a first option once they get to the NBA. via



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