Sixers Balls: Carter-Williams is now your future at PG.


For Love of God, what the hell is going on tonight? My head is spinning. So we realized that nobody was untouchable. Does Hinkie like Turner? Just saying… Sixers selected PG Michael Carter-Williams at No. 11.  By the way, “SABR” guys love him.  Hinke got his man all along. This tells me maybe, just maybe Turner has a future on this team. Or NOT. LOL…

Carter-Williams has great vision on the court even better than Jrue.  Man, I will miss Jrue, but this needed to be done I guess. Jrue was the only real talent on this team and  sometimes to move forward you have to take a step back. Like I said before, Andrew Wiggins here we come! I need to step away and take this all in….

Carter-Williams Scouting Report:


High level passing ability … Tremendous length and height for his position combined with a high basketball IQ. Carter-Williams is a gifted athlete … He has the ability to handle the ball well for his size … Possesses the skill to burst through a first line of defenders, with a deceptive first step … Can turn a broken play into points with an outstanding ability to find the open man … Solid competitor … Rebounds the ball very well for a player at his position


Ceiling is considerable, but so is his basement, has star potential but also appears to be a guy that could end up playing the majority of his career overseas … Already the age of a senior, so there is concern about his upside and how much his body and offense will improve … Routinely passes up open shots … His inconsistent outside shooting (29% from 3) will make it easy for opponents to sag off him, making it even more difficult for him to get by defenders via


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