Sixers Balls: Everywhere

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-This is insane. Zeller going before Noel? Jordan will never learn.  Anthony Bennett at number 1 was a bomb.  Noel just keeps dropping.  Time for Sammy to swoop in. Stern is trolling everyone tonight. Noel finally taken. AD and Noel that could be a great front-line. (8:15)

– McLemore taken by the Kings. I guess  you can forget about that deal with the Sixers.. (8:17)

– Sam get you head out of the Damn spread sheet. Sixers might move back now, though they do like CJ McCollum. He reminds me of Lou-Will. I rather have my boy Caldwell-Pope if he is still there and if the Sixers are staying with the 11th pick. (8:22)


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