Sixers Balls: Players reaction and How many trades did the Sixers do? 4 or 5. Maybe 6. I stop counting..


Hinkie is finally done (I think). So the last player that the Sixers acquired was Arsalan Kazemi. He played his college ball at Oregon and at Rice. The 6’7″  Power Forward is the first Iranian drafted in the NBA. Kazemi was picked by WAS (for the Sixers) at 54. I might just call this dude “Kazaam” instead. How many trades did the Sixers do? I believe 4 or 5. Maybe 6. I stop counting..

Here are some of the reaction from Sixers players about tonight.

I agree there Thad.

You almost did too.

Oh, Evan, you heard the rumors. Stop playing.

Here is Arsalan Kazemi Scouting Report:

He also showed the ability to catch the ball at the elbow and put the ball on the floor for a few dribbles to get to the rim, where he’s able to utilize his quickness advantage against most college big men. He is relentless attacking the basket.

Defensively, Kazemi primarily defends big men at Rice, and as we mentioned before, his lack of size can be a liability against the stronger, bulkier players he faces in the post in the post. He does look to have the lateral quickness to make the switch to defending more on the perimeter, but it might take some time to adjust. via


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