Puck Heads: Flyers take “D-man” Sam Morin and he likes to fight. Of course he does.


Well, the Flyers stayed at number 11. Which I didn’t see coming, considering the way Homer was reportedly working the phones.  So the Flyers take Sam Morin and he is known to be a physical force. The Flyers just can’t help themselves with taking fighters and hitters.

He is 6’6″ and is 203lbs.  Did I say he likes to fight?  Because he does.

Sam Morin’s Scouting Report:

Morin is an interesting prospect with tonnes of potential and room to develop physically. Even at 203lbs he is nowhere near filling out his frame and this makes him a interesting prospect for a team that needs defensive defensemen.

Unlike the Stars Jamie Oleksiak, Samuel Morin uses his size well to be physical and aggressive. However, much like Oleksiak, Morin is an excellent skater for his size, though some more technical aspects of his skating could be improved upon. This skating ability is what makes Morin a player that would be a very good pick up late in the first round of early in the second. A player that size who can skate that well is not something that should be passed up easily.

To say he was raw would probably be an understatement but he has a lot of skills that if he can put it all together he could become a solid top four defenseman at the NHL level. He would be the kind of player you’d throw on to protect a lead or to kill an important penalty. via SBNation

Here is a couple of Morins fights. He is number 55..

Here is his hightlight reel


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