Sixers Balls: Hinkie was looking for Assets and got them


The dust has settled after the most entertaining Sixers draft in a long time (maybe ever).  I would be lying to you if I didn’t tell you that losing Jrue is still bothering me. I’ve had a lot of people ask why in the world would Hinkie trade a 23-year old All-Star point guard for a guy that is coming with an ACL injury (Noel), then draft a point guard that can’t shoot (Carter-Williams).  It’s a fair question. I have even thought about that myself and the only thing I can come up with is “Assets”.

When I say assets I mean value in players. I put myself in Hinkie’s shoes. He took over a franchise that had no direction (thanks to the Bynum fiasco), not much talent on the roster, and fan base that was hanging on by a thread. The Sixers needed a shake up in the worst way and Hinkie knew it from day one in office. Hinkie looked down this roster and saw one guy with any real value around the league. Unfortunately, that was Jrue Holiday.  Spencer Hawes has some value (sorry to say it, but he does), Thad Young likely has a decent amount of value but not enough to garner the package the Sixers got for Jrue.  Evan Turner’s value? Who the hell knows. He looked to be traded a few times on draft night and nothing happen. Other then those three players nobody else would have any value.

So it came down to Jrue. Do I think that the Sixers could’ve built around Jrue?  Yes, but it would have likely taken longer.  Hinkie saw a team with one asset and he turned that one asset into two. Say what you want, if Noel hadn’t torn his ACL he would have likely gone number one overall. Some people have called him another Andrew Bynum. I totally disagree with that statement. Bynum has no cartilage and a degenerative knee condition. That is complete different than a torn ACL.

You have  Al Harrington, David West, Jamal Crawford, Kendrick Perkins, and Al Jefferson just to name a few who have been just as good after tearing their ACL’s. Obviously, everyone’s body is different but Noel is just 19- years old and he should be fine. What could be even more important is Hinkie acquired a 1st round pick in next year’s draft. The 2014 draft class is considered to be the deepest draft since the 2003 draft (LeBron, Melo ,Wade, Bosh,  and West).

I have said it before, sometimes you have to take a step back (maybe two or three) to move forward. Hinkie was looking for more assets for a team that barely had any and it looks like he accomplished that.


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