Sixers Balls: Sacramento Fans really want Iguodala. It’s Hilarious.

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I will be the first one to tell you that I loved Iggy when he was a Sixer.  I always thought he got a bad rap and that he was underrated. Well, the Sacramento Kings fans may want to name  their first-born’s Andre or maybe even Iguodala. The Kings are going hard after Iggy in free agency. The best part about it is that their fans are all over twitter showing their love for Iggy.

So who is leading the charge for Iggy? It is (SB Nation’s Sacramento Kings blog).  I find this whole thing hilarious. Like I said before, I love Iggy as a player but the Kings fans even beat me in loving Iggy.

With that said, let’s begin..

If you didn’t know, @andre is Iggy’s twitter handle.

I am PRETTY sure that Sixers fans never called Iggy dominating..

Iggy has had some good playoff performances. The game winner against Dwight Howard’s  Orlando Magic, the two free-throws against the Bulls (clincher) and the last couple of minutes against the Celtics in Game 6 two years ago.

Maybe he meant to say “Duck” dynasty. I love that show.

This is true. Iggy really could fit anywhere, because of his style of play.

Iggy the HERO!



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