Sixers Balls…Bynum Won’t Workout for Teams Before Signing

Andrew Bynum’s agent is telling teams interested in him that he WON’T workout for them before signing! Is this dude serious? I mean come on. Bynum’s agent has to feel like an idiot even saying that out loud to himself. For a guy who played as many minutes as I did this past NBA season he’s got stones for that to even cross his mind. Joe Hickman was in that building more than Andrew Bynum was last season. Seriously, Joe worked there and he may have set foot on the court more the Andrew did too (that’s speculation but possible, for further questions tweet him @PhillyTugger).

This is what the report from yahoo sports said:

Bynum’s agent, David Lee, said Bynum will begin training in July in Atlanta in preparation for next season after completing his rehabilitation from knee surgery. The knee injury caused Bynum to miss the entire 2012-13 season with the Sixers. Lee said there are a “half dozen teams” interested in Bynum and they will be given MRI and other needed medical reports. Bynum, however, will not work out for teams. via Yahoo!

If I was an NBA GM there is no way I’m giving Bynum big money before I see what he can do on the court. Not after what he pulled last year. He showed he was completely comfortable with sitting out, while collecting 16 million and change, to get prepare for what is really important to him. Salsa dancing in Madrid. Again if I was GM and he isn’t working out before signing the only way I would do it is if he signs a low ball contract. That way Bynum would become a low risk high reward signing. But some team, probably one that wants Dwight Howard but is unable to sign him, will overpay for Bynum.

Andrew could have a bounce back season next year but I would be surprised if he stays healthy through the entirety of a multi year deal. Another thing interested teams will have to take into account is along with Bynum’s knee issues it seems he also has issues above the neck. So for those teams interest in Bynum one piece of advice from this Sixer fan, buyer beware. Oh yeah and Andrew will be sending this tape of his workout along with his MRI’s and Medical records.


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