Sixers Balls: Royce White and some other news..


The Sixers keeping making surprising moves, actually this one is not that surprising. It seems like a favor to me. As everyone knows by now the Sixers have traded for Royce White of the Rockets. The kid is a talent but he has major anxiety problems (Scared of Flying). The Sixers also received cash and  big man Furkan Aldemir, who they will stash in Europe. The Sixers gave up future considerations.

White was a major headache for the Rockets since the day they drafted him. Hinkie was involved in drafting White, when he was with the Rockets. The move really is small gamble by Hinkie.  Like I said before, the Sixers also received cash in the trade, which will likely cover White’s salary, if the kid can’t get over his anxiety.  To be honest, I don’t see the kid helping the Sixers at all. He will likely be in the D-League. I hope that the kid can keep his anxiety disorder under control for his sake (everyday life). I know some people that deal with anxiety issues and I feel for them. At the end of the day though, it was just a FAVOR.

In other news, there were reports out that the Sixers were involved in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes. They were trying to help the Warriors free up money to get Dwight, by receiving the expiring contracts of Richard Jefferson ($11 million) and Andris Biedrins ($9 million).  So what was in it for the Sixers?  They could have received a few first round draft picks, including one in next year’s draft (2014). BUT Biedrins, Jefferson, and two first round picks (2014 and 2017) went to Utah and Dwight went to the Rockets. End of that story.

Would the Sixers do a sign in trade with Bynum? The Dallas Mavericks are hot on Bynum.  The Heat could really use someone in the middle as well. Dallas has Shawn Marion’s expiring contract and the Heat have Shane Battier and Rashard Lewis’ expiring contracts. Hey, maybe the Warriors still want to do something? The still have Andrew Bogut’s expiring contract. Though they don’t have their “Golden Ticket” anymore (1st round pick 2014). So that doesn’t make any sense anymore.

Whatever the Sixers do I am cool with. As long as we get a first round pick back.


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