How the Eagles can help the Phillies

Say what you want about the city, but at the end of the day, it’s a football town.  We support all of our teams the same conviction, but what we are most interested in, when it comes to information, is the Eagles.  That’s why for the past decade and a half each news affiliate has sent a sports news team up to Lehigh to cover the Birds practice!  We talkin’ about practice!  Not a game, but practice!  When the Phils head down to Clearwater for March, each news affiliate sends a team down to cover the actual games and results.  See the difference?  We get crazy as fans about football and need info on who fought who at practice!  When the Phillies are no longer in the spotlight, for some reason they feed off of it.  They don’t feel the pressure and they just play.

I premised it this way because I am about to show you a trend that the Phillies are aware and probably Chase Utleysomething Vegas is aware of.  Over the past 3 seasons, the Phillies have a .694 winning percentage during the period of time that the Eagles open and close training camp.  Yes, that means they are winning about 7 out of every 10 games during this period.

From the day the Eagles reported to training camp on July 22nd to August 14th in 2012, the Phillies went 13-8 for a .619 winning percentage.

In both, 2010 and 2011, the Eagles opened camp on July 27th and closed camp on August 17th.  Both seasons the Phillies went 14-5.

Say what you want, but trends are trends. These are the type of trends that can help identify whether you should be buyers or sellers.  Charlie has a .609 winning percentage after the All-Star break and this is just another trend that will tie into what the Phillies do.

This small, yet important trend is what makes the next 2 weeks that much more important.  If the Phils can make up a game up on the Braves before the All-Star break and then another game before the Eagles open for camp, the Phils would be 5.5 games back of the Braves.  If the Phils can play .650 ball during this special period of the season, they could possibly be back 3.5 games of the Braves midway through the month of August.

Now I am not saying that the Phils are going to win the World Series and I am not saying this team even deserves to make the play-offs, but these are the facts:  The NL East is underperforming this season, the Philles have a track record of playing .610 ball after the All-Star break and play the Braves 12 more times before the seasons ends.

The best offer we have gotten for any of our players is Joba Chamberlain for Michael Young.  That is the going rate for any hitter in the final year of a contract with a .290 batting average and below average power.  Chase Utley is just about the same, but any team who trades for him have to pick up more salary than what Young has left.  If Chamberlain is the comparable offer, what do you think would get for Chase?  Not much better!  Personally if that’s the best offer, I say let’s sit tight and see what happens.

They are in this thing and that’s all the Phillies ownership wants and that is all you should want as a fan. Any reason to root for your home team, even if it’s because the Eagles are opening up camp.


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