Philer Up! What Say You, Ruben?..“If tomorrow was July 31, we’d be buying,”

Ruben Amaro

What to do…What to do… We are approaching that “Magical” 10th day of the Phils home-stand.  We are currently on day number 7. On the end of the 10th day (Sunday) we are supposed to know whether the Phils will be buyers or sellers. All signs are pointing to buying.

The Phils are just 5.5 games out of the last Wild-Card spot and are 7.5 games behind the Braves. So What Say You, Ruben?:

“If tomorrow was July 31, we’d be buying,” Amaro said. No one is running away with it. No one is invincible.” via CSN

Anything else Ruben?

“I considered us less of a contender last year,” Amaro said. “We’re in a better spot this year.”


The biggest difference between this year and last season is that at this point last season the Nationals were running away with the division. At this time last season the Phils sat in the bottom of the NL East as well. They were 13 games under .500 and trialed the Nationals by 14 games. They also were 10 games back of the second Wild-Card spot. I know most fans want the Phils to blow it up it, BUT it just doesn’t make sense to do it right now.

I understand that the Phils bullpen is still a mess but they have the talent down there. The problem isn’t that the Phils don’t have guys with good arms. The problems is that they need to learn how to pitch (Ramirez, De Fratus, Diekman, ect..). What the Phils could use is a bullpen guy in the worst way or for one (or two) of the kids to figure it out. Yes, I know. Captain Obvious Strikes Again!!

They way the Phils have been playing lately (series wins against the Pirates, Braves and Nats) those chants of Sell! Sell!  Will be changing to BUY! BUY! BUY!



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